About Me

I’m a Pennsylvania native, but thanks to my family roots, I will always have a special place for Oregon and the Pacific Ocean in my heart.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for sports. When I wasn’t outside playing a sport, I could be found in front a television set watching sporting events or playing sports based video games. By high school, I was often participating in multiple fantasy sports leagues and filling out double-digit March Madness brackets.

Since I was as athletically gifted as Smalls from the Sandlot, it only felt natural to do the next best thing — work in sports media.

I was fortunate enough to have that passion grow when I attended Misericordia University for my bachelor’s degree in Communications. While attending the small campus based in Dallas, PA, the department and campus gave me endless opportunities to allow me to take my passion for sports and media to the next level.

I served as the web editor and sports editor for the campus newspaper. That experience allowed me to look beyond the box score and capture and tell the stories of athletes and coaches beyond what is typically seen on the field or court.

I was also privileged to serve as station manager of the campus radio station, Cougar Radio, creating the first ever daily radio show for the station. I was sure to talk all things sports, both locally and nationally.

The hours of research put into my hard work landed me a job in the newspaper business at the Lewistown Sentinel in Central Pennsylvania where I serve as the assistant sports editor. I cover all things high school and college sports, edit content and design the pages. I’m also hands-on with the company’s website, publishing the daily content online.

I continue to learn new things on the job, and never find a dull moment in the ever-changing landscape of the media. I pride myself on being an open-minded team player willing to cover anything at all hours.

I hope, by reading some of my articles under the portfolio tab, you’ll see that I enjoy creating fun and thoughtful content that both entertains and educates readers in all things sports.